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hi there I’m Julia

about falkabutik

Falkabutik is the result of my lifelong wish to create a healthier world where humans respect nature and everything in it. Falkabutik makes finding those environmentally friendly products easier and every product is carefully chosen by me, for its unique quality.

falkabutik brands

i have only chosen brands I believe and trust in completely

you can read about them below

with Falkabutik, I want to offer products we use every day anyway - instead of adding to consumerism. I am happy to be able to offer you a wonderful a sustainable alternative.

Falkabutik brands:


Frantsila is the cutest and most inspiring brand! Located in Finland with three different concepts - the products that you find here in Falkabutik, their own physical shop with a café and lovely surroundings and a wellbeing center offering different interesting classes and treatments to create a happier life.

I chose Frantsila as one of the brands to sell here, because I believe in their beautiful products created in Finland. I love the fact that they also use their own plants from their herb farm, meaning that many ingredients are from Finland and very local. As Frantsila is an expert at creating skin friendly products, I also wish to show you how you can use their products for creating your own skin care - on the blog at some point. Anything seems to be possible with Frantsila!

Frantsila is a family-owned business with the wish to create a healthier world for its consumers. The farm they have has actually been in their family for 300 years.

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The best menstrual cup in the world is this one - the Finnish Lunette menstrual cup. Lunette's menstrual cup might have been the first product I knew I wanted to sell, as it is such a lifesaver for me and so many others out there too. The menstrual cup is probably the most environmentally friendly option to any other alternative out there - as it creates very little waste and can be used for up to 10 years if handed carefully. It is also quite wallet friendly!

Lunette menstrual cup - the best one in the world. It is produced and packed in Finland, it is completely vegan and toxic-free and does not contain chemicals, latex or BPA. I would recommend this to anyone who is willing to try it, it has changed my and many other people's lives. I love my little cup!

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Luonkos is a Finnish brand from Naantali, creating extremely efficient body and facial oil cleansing cakes. From the first try I was more than a 100% convinced - I wanted these in my life. Luonkos's products are healthy for your skin and created by hand with a lot of love. With different scents and also scentless alternatives, I am sure you will find something suitable for you.

Luonkos's products are very lasting as you only need a little each wash and many of these are 4-in-1-products that let you both wash yourself, remove makeup, balance and nurture your skin all at once. If you want to avoid packaging and get as much as possible from one single product - then Luonkos is the brand for you!

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luoto cosmetics

Luoto cosmetics is a small family-owned business located in Piikkiö. With beautiful products made by hand and with sustainability in mind, I can not stress enough how much I love Luoto. Luoto's products are so pretty that they are both the perfect gift to someone else as something to treat yourself with. Most products are also vegan!

In Falkabutik you will find both shampoo bars and soap bars suitable for the hands and body. I love products with more than one function so I recommend trying these soap bars if you want to save space at home! No need for separate items for different body parts.

Give Luoto a try and fall in love like I did!

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m handmade

M HandMade is a brand I found about a year ago. I tested their Shea Deo through a collaboration and fell in love with it. Natural aluminium free deodorants are a common thing in stores selling natural healthy products but I find that not many of them really work. I was so happy to see that this deodorant was super efficient and that it actually kept me fresh!

M HandMade is another amazing family-owned business from Finland. They make everything themselves by hand and their mission is to create products that are friendly to your skin - which actually automatically seems to be better for the planet too. Maria behind the brand created it after noticing how her body and skin reacted to non-natural products during a burnout and she realized that she needed products that were healthier for her skin. M HandMade was born and is a very popular brand with resellers both in Finland and Sweden.

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Mummi ja minä

Mummi ja minä is a very cute brand with cleaning products for the home and body. With fun photos on each product, the Mummi ja minä products bring back those childhood memories we love. Mummi ja minä is a very nice brand to use at home and to give as a gift with their fun packaging made from recycled plastic.

Mummi ja minä is a brand with products made in a more traditional way with traditional ingredients - just like many grandparents used to do the cleaning. The name "Mummi ja minä" means "Grandma and I". Go ahead and try out our Mummi ja minä products!

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ole hyvä

There is a lot to tell about this amazing Finnish brand but the thing that caught my eyes the most in the beginning, was their fight against bad plastic. Bad plastic being plastic that is avoidable. They have a refill concept for most of their products meaning that you can either fill up your empty Ole Hyvä bottles from a big canister or buy a refill bag containing a lot less plastic than buying a completely new bottle.

Ole Hyvä is, however, not only about plastic. They know that the problem in the world is a lot bigger and they take into consideration so many important aspects of a more nature friendly life, that I simply can not stress this enough: Ole Hyvä is an amazing brand creating a better world. They create organic products that are healthier for us, the consumers, and nature around us. The raw materials they use in their products are Ecocert certified, they produce their products with green wind turbine electricity and heat their production building with geothermal energy. And, added to that, all products are environmentally friendly and vegan.

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other products

Not only do we sell products from the brands mentioned above, we also sell my book Min lilla gröna as well as vintage and second hand clothes and accessories. We want to make second hand GREEN again and not another way to sell fast fashion. Therefore we carefully handpick each and every one of the vintage and second hand items we sell, to make sure they are unique, good quality and hopefully something you will want to have in your wardrobe for a very long time if not forever.

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